Top end

Tanzania has some very exclusive places to stay for the night. Top end hotels are usually luxury tented camps or lodges. Are you looking for colonial bedrooms, romantic dinners, sparkling swimming pools,  wine at the camping fire and sublime service there are many possibilities. Most of the tented camps are moving around and are always in the middle of the best wildlife viewing area. The lodges are usually beautifully located to look out over the landscape like the Ngorongoro crater or to spot wildlife from your terrace.


If you don’t want to spend too much money but you like to be comfortable and have a good bed, there are several lodges to choose from. Most lodges offer sleeping in tents with normal beds or small bungalows. You can eat from rich buffets and enjoy the swimming pool. There will be an African atmosphere, with western luxury. For most people lodges are a good pick, there is a huge range of luxury and pricing.


Tanzania offers many guesthouses. They are simple hotels with rooms with private bathroom. Usually the guesthouse can also arrange meals or when you are in a larger place you can eat out. It is an economic option. You can also vary in the places and pick guesthouses to beat down the price of your safari.


The possibilities of camping in the Northern Circuit are many. If you are looking for adventure and a low price this is the best option. You can arrange taking your own camping gear or Haydom Safaris can arrange it for you! There are two camping options. Stay in the national parks and feel one with nature. Cook your own food or let Haydom Safaris arrange a professional cook that make every meal a feast. Drink wine under the stars with the sound of the wilderness around you. The second option is to camp at camp sites near to lodges. These places are walled, which might give you a safer feeling. Also you can eat in the lodge or in town which can be easy. For the real adventurer this is of course an inferior option.

Stay with locals

If you really want to be part of the Tanzanian culture, a stay with locals could be arranged. Sleep on the farm with the people from the Iraqw tribe, stay over in the Masaai boma or hear the sounds of the bush when you are surrounded by Hadzabe in their thatched huts. Don’t expect any hot shower, conversations about American politics or hamburgers. But be engulfed by a real unique experience other tourists will never get. Why visit a museum if you can be part of their culture instead!