How much does a safari cost?

It is very hard to give a comprehensive answer on this question.

Of course the costs of a safari are dependent on:

  • The duration of the safari
  • The number of people joining your party
  • The type and number of National Parks you want to visit
  • The level of luxury that you expect of your accomodation and meals
  • The season in which you will visit
  • The extra activities you want to do
As a guideline,

  • The car and fuel will cost $200 a day.
  • Guiding fees are $20 per person per day.
  • The National Parks fees you can find on the Tanzania Parks website and ranges from $35 to $50 per person per day and and extra $200 for the car to enter the Ngorongoro Crater. Note that you have to pay entrance for the Ngorongoro NP on your way to and on your way back from Serengeti NP.
  • Accommodation will cost $15 to 30 p.p. for a camping site or guesthouse, $100-200 p.p. for a lodge, $200-500 p.p. for a luxurious lodge.
  • Food will be depending on your wishes and level of accommodation.


You can sent the schedule of your preferred safari to us by e-mail, to get an indication of prices and possibilities without any obligation.