Why choose Haydom Safaris?


  • Quality safaris in which your wishes are leading.
  • All our local guides are excellent English speakers.
  • As Clement lived in Norway for many years he can speak fluent Norwegian and is familiar with the wishes and expectations of western clients.
  • Our guides are all locals and can tell you anything about local culture and language.

A variety in options

  • Also Haydom Safaris is specialized in cultural safaris, off the beaten track.
  • Haydom Safaris can organize an active alternation to your driving-safari. Look at the website for walks, mountain hiking or walking safaris!
  • With Haydom safaris there is a safari for any budget. From low-budget safaris with the ultimate camping-in-the-bush-experience to luxury safaris in exceptional beautiful tented camps or lodges. You mention it, we arrange it!
  • Because the base of Haydom Safaris is in Haydom village, starting or ending your safari in Haydom is one of the advantages of Haydom Safaris. Especially for people planning to work, visit or volunteer in Haydom Lutheran Hospital, this is a beneficial option.

Value for money

  • With Haydom Safaris you are able to choose and arrange your own hotels if you want.  Haydom Safaris never works on commission base, this means no commercial stops and no fixed hotels.
  • What you arrange is what you get: no unexpected costs or expected tips. Tips are off course always welcome, but in contrast to other safari companies a tip should be given out of appreciation and is never calculated.
  • Because Haydom Safaris has very limited overhead costs (no office, no booking costs and the director is your guide) it is hard to find a safari company that offers safaris for such a sharp price!